Monday, December 15, 2008

Woo Hoo - we are looking Goooood!

Diva is coming along great. I now have a dozen bikinis listed for sale as well as 4 pairs of shoes, hair pieces (with more being added shortly) and jewellery.

It is really exciting to have watched the site grow and see word getting out about the store. The Diva Consignments concept is unique to Australia and I know it will expand as more girls realise it is there for them to use. Like any new business, however, it will take a little time to expand and reach maximum capacity. What that capacity is I dont know just yet - I suppose it will be governed by how much storage space I have available for all the stock - lol.

Thanks so much to all the girls that have already sent items to put up for sale. I have had a few inquiries already, but will expect more interest once the Holiday season is over and I also get a chance to advertise more at upcoming shows in 2009.

On another note, I would like to wish each and every one of you a very Happy and Safe Christmas and a successful start to 2009! May all your wishes come true.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Open For Business

Diva is finally open for business and looking forward to providing a great service for the female competitor market.

Already we have bikinis, shoes and jewellery listed with a few more items to be added in a day or so. Word is slowly spreading and we are getting inquiries and confirmations of listings all the time.

Remember, like any second hand / pre-loved store, it will only be as good as the products that are sold. So girls, do a spring (summer) clean out of all your old comp gear and send it through. What you might think is old or unsuitable might very well be another girls dream bikini. With the economy struggling as it is, many will be looking for a cheaper option to help them reach their onstage goals without the stress of financial issues that we know all too well can be associated with competing.

DIVA Consignments definitely wasn't developed as a money making venture for us but as a much needed and long overdue service for female competitors. We are looking forward to watching DIVA grow and become yet another useful resource within the competing community!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

What to do.....

....when your website building server is being migrated and is offline for a few days?

What else but throw in the towel, head to the shops for a bit of retail therapy and coffee with a girlfriend.

That is exactly what my plans for today are!!

DIVA Consignments will be ready to go online in a week or so, stock is accumulating and the basics are all set in place. We still need more stock to make this work, and unfortunately this is not something I can just make happen. You guys need to dig deep into those figure storage areas (we all have them I know. My old suits are either in a storage room, under the laundry tub - dont ask why, I have no idea - or in the bottom drawer of my dresser - and they all still have my competitor numbers on them).

Interest in DIVA has been great, everyone has commented on what an awesome idea is it. There is definitely a need for a central place for all our pre-loved gear. I know everyone knows of someone that is selling something but if it is suitable is a bit hit and miss - at least with DIVA there will be (hopefully) a good range of suits, including variety in designs, makes, sizes and colours that there will be something for everyone looking for a cheaper option to buying brand new.

So far there are a few pairs of shoes, bikinis, a fitness/theme outfit and a stunning diamonte encrusted dress - but we need MORE!!

If you have any questions about DIVA Consignments please don't hesitate to email me at (until the diva email address has gone live) and I can answer any questions you might have.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Need Your Stuff!!

Ok girls,

As you can see, the official DIVA Consignments logo has been revealed and the website is underway. All we need now to open our doors is . . . . . more stock.

If you have shoes, bikinis, one piece suits, dresses (for sports model or fitness categories), jewellery... anything that will be useful for a bodybuilding show, let us know. We will then email you the sellers contract and get your items up for sale before you know it.

Make some extra cash for Christmas or have your sale amount put into credit for another DIVA Consignment or Style on Stage purchase.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sell Your Suits!

Hey Girls,

Announcing a brand new way to earn money or find a bargain for your next show!! DIVA Consignments has been a long time coming - and one that I very nearly didn't go ahead with.

Every year I end up with heaps of emails from girls that have been forced to pull out of shows after ordering and purchasing their suits and/or shoes and also from girls wanting to sell their pre loved suits. For me, it originally seemed like a conflict of interest with Style on Stage but the more requests and inquiries I get the more I found that a service such as this is very much in demand.

DIVA Consignments will promote and sell your pre loved or unwanted competition apparell for you, effectively widening your selling market greatly. We are in the middle of finalising the nitty gritty stuff like commissions, fees and contracts and all these details will be on the website - once it also has been completed.

But basically, you send us the item/s you wish to sell, we will photograph them on one of our manequins and list it at the price you wish to receive (plus our small commission) and when it does sell we send you a cheque or transfer the funds to your account - or you can keep the sale amount in credit for services or products with Style on Stage - too easy!!

In addition to selling the suit we can also launder it for you if you feel apprehensive doing so and also replace crystals or repair anything that needs repairing for a small fee.

We are looking at making this site at minimum, Nationwide, with the prospect of international interest. Promotional material will be printed and the website plus sale items will regularly be posted on this blog as well as the DIVA Consignment facebook group .

So start going through all your old bikinis, posing shoes and fitness outfits and earn some money by selling them on DIVA Consignments!!