Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hells Bells, its 11 months since I last posted on this blog - goes to show just how busy Style on Stage, Diva Consignments and little ol me have been in 2009.

DIVA Consignments has been a success in its first year. It has been wonderful to see so many girls utilising the site for both selling or buying their bikinis and shoes. I have been madly reorgansing some of the pages and have now split the bikini page into two sections - one for pre loved suits and another for brand new suits. These are often orders that have never been picked up or samples that I have made during my slower times - which are very few and far between! But shortly I will be listing suits from another designer that doesnt want the pressure of a full on business but is keen to make some extra money by decorating suits and selling them on DIVA. So ladies, keep an eye on the site for some new work.

Now is also the perfect time to list any items you may not need or want. Only this morning I sold a hairpiece, so even though you may not want it - there is always a buyer for your unwanted competition items! With Christmas coming up we can all use some extra $$.

Take care all, I hope to be posting on here a little more regularly for a while now!!