Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Need Your Stuff!!

Ok girls,

As you can see, the official DIVA Consignments logo has been revealed and the website is underway. All we need now to open our doors is . . . . . more stock.

If you have shoes, bikinis, one piece suits, dresses (for sports model or fitness categories), jewellery... anything that will be useful for a bodybuilding show, let us know. We will then email you the sellers contract and get your items up for sale before you know it.

Make some extra cash for Christmas or have your sale amount put into credit for another DIVA Consignment or Style on Stage purchase.


Anonymous said...

Actually I have some costume jewellery I want to sell so I'll be in touch Jo. :o) xxx

stephmd said...

Bring it on- I can't wait to do some online shopping girls!! xoxox

Jaime-lee said...

Hi Jo,

I competed in the Wagga city Vs country in 2006 and have some shoes and a black bikini (never wore it though) that id like to sell!

Great idea on the site to!

JL ; )

Splice said...

Hi Jo!
I would love to get one of those contracts off you :-)
You have me email and mobile.
I love the logo, very catchy, fun, creative and stylish!!
Well done.
Deb xxx

Jo Rogers said...

Hey Lia, no doubt your jewellry will arrive tomorrow so will let you know when it does, thanks for being the first to jump onboard!!

Yeah Steph - any excuse for a girl to shop!! I am hoping to get some awesome items up for sale. Once word gets around it should be - cant wait!

Jamie Lee, thanks for getting in contact - no problems with the shoes and bikini - we can add them both to the site and get them sold for you as soon as we can! I will pop onto your blog and see if your email address is there so I can discuss what to do.

And Deb, I will be emailing you also - the contracts/agreements arent completed yet, but its all fairly straight forward. I will let you know what to do with your suits etc later today!

This venture is only going to work with your involvement - and it will eventually benefit so many of us. Thanks for your support!

Georgina said...

hi there i do have a bikini to sell! how can i actually sell it on your website?i live in Auckland N.Z thanks heaps!

Vegan-Diva said...

Hey Georgina,

are you able to pop the suit in the post and send it over. I photograph them all here (as you may have seen on the site) and then list them. You can check out the 'sellers terms' on the Terms page at

I will need to know a few things about you and about the suit so I can list it successfully for you. It wont cost you anything at all up front to list - you just let me know what you would like to get for it - remember that the cost will be in Australian dollars on the site.

If you have any more questions just email me at or

Hope you are having a great new year!!