Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Open For Business

Diva is finally open for business and looking forward to providing a great service for the female competitor market.

Already we have bikinis, shoes and jewellery listed with a few more items to be added in a day or so. Word is slowly spreading and we are getting inquiries and confirmations of listings all the time.

Remember, like any second hand / pre-loved store, it will only be as good as the products that are sold. So girls, do a spring (summer) clean out of all your old comp gear and send it through. What you might think is old or unsuitable might very well be another girls dream bikini. With the economy struggling as it is, many will be looking for a cheaper option to help them reach their onstage goals without the stress of financial issues that we know all too well can be associated with competing.

DIVA Consignments definitely wasn't developed as a money making venture for us but as a much needed and long overdue service for female competitors. We are looking forward to watching DIVA grow and become yet another useful resource within the competing community!

1 comment:

Splice said...

The site is fabulous, your doing a wonderful job and we all thank you for it :-)
Deb x